Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 392


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Once you have reached this level, making 6 candy & wrapper combo is easy. The most difficult thing is attaining the score of 200,000. Even when the balance moves are being converted to candies (3000 score each), it is a real challenge
Even with 41 moves left, I still cant candy crush for the game below. (41x3000=123000)
Some of the games I tried with making lots of high scoring combos before completing the objective, unable to clear.
1 last method that could be possible.- create a few more colour bombs and candy crush without using them. That could be possible.
Good luck for your game. You just need to complete many times before that game that comes. Possibly try some variation in your game to see whether there are any differences.
Look into level 236 for some inspiration on how to achieve high scores. This is a game whereby you will not lose any lives but instead complete the level using one or two moves.
In most cases your score will be between 170k to 230k.
My high score is 270k. Hope you can get some inspiration from the video or trying out that level yourself and discover ways to higher scores.

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