Thursday, September 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 125

80000 points in 55 moves
Clear all jellies

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The priority is to open up the obstacles. before the jellies can be cleared. Starting anywhere on the map is possible as long as it can help you hit more obstacles. Keep a lookout on any specials to be made, and be sure to make them if you can do it. This is similar to level 65, just without the chocolates, but with more obstacles and the various corners. Combos would help you do the job better, position them into places that gives you more effect.

For level 125, you are required to clear the jellies to cross this level, with the double layered jellies lying below the obstacles (white), you need to hit up to 4 times to remove the jellies. Combos are the way to go. You just need to take note that the any combo cant hit through the black barrier, so remember to clear off the black barrier and position your combo in a better location before using them. For this level, even a simple horizontal striped candy is a great help with careful positioning before activation.

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