Monday, September 23, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 20

15000 points in 60 seconds

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Leave a comment if you need strategy for a particular level, if it is not available. I will be updating all the levels.
A first time limit game. It may seem challenging as this is the first time you encountered time limit. However it is still not difficult as there are only 4 colours present. Read through the generic strategies on how to play a time-limit game, the way to clear it is all there. Remember though, after the 4th simultaneous hits in one move, there would be an +5 sec candy available. It would extend your game by 5 seconds when you clear it in the subsequent moves. The maximum time would still be 60 seconds no matter how many +5 you can clear in 1 move. Once you know this, it is actually unlimited time you can carry on a game if you have +5 appearing many times.

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