Sunday, June 23, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 267


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This is a 90sec game with time bomb. Needs 100k score.
Most common method is to hit the bottom, before opening the top when time bomb drops. This video is interesting. I stopped hitting even when I still have 42 sec left with only 43k score. Yet I cleared the round.
The idea is to get 1 or more vertical candies into the middle 3 column with many time bombs outside. 1 or more wrappers there will help too. If you have those in your game, just try to wait till the time finishes rather than let the time bomb kills you.
Understanding something in the generic strategy leads me stopping the game and letting the time pass by. Each time bomb is worth 3000 points. If you have more than 10 there, its already 30000 point without calculating other effects.

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