Sunday, June 9, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 65

120000 points in 50 moves
Clear all jellies

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Video 1
Video 2

Video 4

Leave a comment if you need strategy for a particular level, if it is not available. I will be updating all the levels.

Clear chocolate, build combos, use of vertical & horizontal striped candies, or simultaneous hits if no combos available.
Never clear just any about candy that you see on the screen first. Try to position them to your best advantage.
The above seems too simple to be true. But it is really what that is needed to clear lvl 65. The reason why people are faced with problem in this stage is simple. The fundamentals are not there, earlier levels are far too easy, and coupled with some luck in really that few levels that require luck, all those earlier levels can be cleared easily.
If you believe in me read through the generic strategies, understand them, and apply them. You should at least find something in common to what you have been doing so far. Else its time to learn and apply the rest.

Once are ok with those, its time to view some videos, if you think you still require it. There are a total of 4 videos i attach, and videos 2-4 are games played consecutively using 1 life.
Videos shown you are not telling you how good i am, if you view them, think about the strategies listed above or even the generic strategies, then you will appreciate what is been said earlier. And strategies are not dead, those need not be applied in a sequence, it is all depending on the random game given to you. Based on what that appears, apply the best move FIRST.
In case the above still cant help you, and you still have 1 major problem, making combos or specials to start with.
Again you got to believe in me, go back to level 16, play in 100 times, not to clear it, but start learning to make specials, everything from stripe to wrap to colour bombs. Progressing with numbers made before further progressing to making combos, stripe +stripe , wrap+wrap or colour bomb + wrap, colour bomb +stripe
Remember the idea is not just to win this level, its the practice that you need.

Are the moves enough?
Before the level 65 update (50 moves, 6 colours) - Best video, utilising only 32 moves

After the latest level 65 update (40 moves, 5 colours) - Best video, utilising only 17 moves


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