Monday, September 23, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 27

40000 points in 60 seconds

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Updated 12 June 2013

Video 2 -  3 Stars

Leave a comment if you need strategy for a particular level, if it is not available. I will be updating all the levels.

The 2nd time a time limit game appears. Just remember the objective, it is asking you to obtain 40,000 points in 60 sec. The objective is not to clear the obstacles in the corners. However removing the barriers allows you more space which in turn more candies to score points or create combos. Read through the generic strategies on how to play a time-limit game, the way to clear it is all there. Remember though, after the 4th simultaneous hits in one move, there would be an +5 sec candy available. It would extend your game by 5 seconds when you clear it in the subsequent moves. The maximum time would still be 60 seconds no matter how many +5 you can clear in 1 move.

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