Generic Strategies for Candy Crush

The generic strategies below can be applied to all levels in Candy Crush.

1. Selection
In a game, usually there are at least a few moves you can make. Have you ever wondered why you have chose to clear this candy or another candy? Or are you a player who clear whatever you can see that is available on the screen?

I am not asking you to spend time thinking on every move, but analyse fast and determine which move will lead to a more advantageous outcome for you in the following move or future moves.

a. In general, if you can create a special, most likely it is the best. It may be not ideal when you are making it in a position where you cannot utilise it to help you achieve the objective of that level.

b. If making a few moves would enable you to create a good combos

c. If a normal move enable you to have a domino effect (simultaneous hits)

2. Position
This is essentially 1b. Positioning is one of the most important aspects of this game. If you are playing this game like a chess or go player, this should be easy for you. In chess or go, there are a fixed pattern of what future moves to expect. For candy crush, indeed we never know what is going to drop next, but for those candies that are already available, we can calculate for sure where they are going to be if we made 1, 2, 3 or even more moves.

The more future positions you are able to figure out in your mind before even making 1 single move, the better you can become in candy crush.

3. Objective
In the midst of playing, sometimes we forget the most basic element, the objective of that level. This is simple yet important. For example, if there are chocolates appearing, but your objective is to make specials or combos, or as simple as clearing jellies or ingredients, do you want to keep spending time to clear chocolate? Wait for the right moment to clear it

4. High Score
In each level, you need to achieve a minimum score to obtain one star to clear the level. Obviously you need to know what are the moves that maximise your scores. 3 things you need to know:
a. Specials that you can create and the score you can achieve
b. Specials that appear in each level and how to maximise the score that can be obtained from using them.
c. If you are left with certain number of moves and you have candy crushed, the moves will be either converted into striped candies (3000 points) or fishes (max 1020 points) + any other domino effect.

5. Timing
There are 2 things to note about timing.
a. Certain levels come with the criteria of having to achieve a certain score in a certain number of seconds. You need to know that for these levels, if you are able to achieve 4 simultaneous hits in 1 move, a +5 second bonus will appear.

Level 252 is the ultimate for utilising this +5 bonus. That is essentially a 30 second game, but I managed to play 2hr 26min., and still left with 30 seconds.

If you don't know such thing exist, most likely you will be like others who called me a cheater or hacker :)

b. Time to use specials
If you have figured out how specials are to be used, the time to use it is important. Specials or combos are not meant to be used immediately when you see them, move or position them to your most advantageous position and use them to maximum efficiency.

6. Reshuffle
In certain levels, due to the structure given or obstacles available, there aren't a lot of move available to make to start with. For such levels, instead of cursing bad luck, play them to your advantage, make as little moves as possible and make the system reshuffle your candies as soon as possible. Turning a bad layout into advantageous situation for you is sometimes possible as the rearrangement at times create domino effect.

7. Play to your last move
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
This well-known liner from the movie 'Forest Gump', serves well to define Candy Crush.

Well, just like life, players would never know what candies will drop once you you have cleared a minimum of 3 candies. But the similarity stops here.

In life, after certain decisions or actions are being made, sometimes the ending is not something easily changeable. During the opening, the candies may be laid out well for you, but that doesn't mean the end game will be simple. Similarly, if a game started out lousy, with little good moves to make, it does not mean you cant win it.

If you candy crush during your last move, it does not make you a lousy player. I have completed some games using my last move. The number of stars I have is now 1000+.

8. Never give up
Many years ago, someone said this before, never never never give up.
If you are stuck for many days or even months in 1 level, it doesn't mean you are no good.
The tips here looks simple. If you really think though and apply it on the game immediately, you may not get it. But if over 2 games, 5 games or even 10 games, if you are willing to do it and consistently do it that way. You will be able to make it pass the level.

Once you cleared the level, do make a comment on either my blog, or youtube.

The above are generic strategies applicable to most levels, for each particular level, if there are additional things to take care of, I will be updating them in their respective blog.

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