Why I Play Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a game that is available since last year.
I have heard of it, seen many people play but without even touching on it.

It is only until Mar 2013, when a group of friends, all old-time friends who are playing it, egging me to start playing. Yes, years back we were all playing star craft, DOTA together. We were gamers but obviously not professional gamers.

The gamer side in me takes over, and the rest is history.

Nothing is impossible in this game. Not a cent need to be spent on any boosters.

And yes till now my gamer friends are not within 2 episodes near me.

My intent now is not to just show videos on how I complete the each level, but also telling everyone how to do it by themselves.

Especially so for people who are stuck for months on any level, if you are able to spend that amount of time stuck on a particular level, complaining, and searching for answers, what I have provided for you will be something that can help you clear that level if you really sit down and think first, before implementing what I said.

Sooner than later, you will realise what I said is really what you need to do to complete most levels.

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