Identify a Candy Crush Player

How to check whether you are really a candy crush player or just a causal player.

This is a such a popular game, so much so that on a daily basis, there are always player playing on public transport or while waiting for friends in various places like shopping malls, train stations, bus-stops, or while queuing up for food, etc.

For me, it is really easy to know whether a person really knows how to play candy crush. No matter how many levels that person have cleared, if you are playing in a mobile phone or touch screen device, simply by looking at your finger movement, I would know.

How is it so?
On a mobile phone or any touch screen device, the basic movement is left, right, top, down, movement of your fingers to link the candies together.

Only when combos are being activated, it requires you to combine two specials (wrap+stripe candy, wrap+wrap, stripe+stripe, etc) together. However if you saw a person doing a continuous movement of fingers left-right, or top-down, this is the indication of a person activating a combo.

Using the combo is one thing, knowing how to use it to your advantage is another thing altogether.

Example 1 (two stripe candy side by side in a row)
if you are activating this combo, and yes I already know that you knew its going to clear 1 horizontal row and 1 vertical column, but the question is which vertical column you want to clear? The horizontal row is being cleared no matter you hit it from right to left or left to right. It is the vertical column which you CAN decide to clear, so that future candies appearing will be more advantageous to you depending on the layout of the other candies currently remaining.

Example 2 (two stripe candy on top of one another in a column)
This is similar to the above, the only difference is the same vertical column will be cleared, but it is really which horizontal row you want to clear..

Example 3 (stripe + wrap side by side in a row)
This is similar to example 1, only that the clearing is 3 rows and 3 columns, the 3 rows cleared remain constant, BUT you CAN select which 3 columns you need to clear.

Example 4 (stripe + wrap on top of one another in a column)
This is similar to example 2, only that the clearing is 3 rows and 3 columns, the 3 columns cleared remain constant, BUT you CAN select which 3 rows you need to clear.

THINK about this, many people played without actually knowing how the activation of the combos listed above can help them in that particular game. If there are jellies to clear in one row, why do you activate the combo in another row?

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