How to Clear Every Level in Candy Crush

If you are looking for answers here. This is the exact place to find all your answers.
This blog aims to be source of support as well as motivation for all who wants to complete all available candy crush levels.

I know why you are here. Here are the reasons.

1. I am stuck in this XX level for days/months
2. I do not want to spend additional money on boosters
3. I want to see how other people clear and learn

Why you are sceptical about seeking help earlier
1. Every game is different. Why should I see other videos?
2. Those people who cleared those difficult levels are really lucky. They have all the luck
3. What they are doing I already know.

This website is for people who are at ANY level. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or even expert level. I am sure you can learn something from here.

Patience is what I ask from you if you really want to play well and without spending any money on it.

My experience in Candy Crush so far.
I have relatively short experience in candy crush and so I am still learning. I started playing candy crush in Mar 2013. Completed 350 available levels within 6 weeks.
After I completed all the available stages, I realised many friends are stuck in various different levels, some for a couple of months, and some are spending ridiculous amount of money on this game.

I decided to replay ALL levels again, making them into videos. This process took me 5 weeks, in 5 weeks time, I have all 395 levels available in my youtube channel. And at the same time I also started to put all into this blog.

All this requires time and effort on my side. But I guess the reward is to see many friends progressing further, without spending additional money.

You may ask, is there really a need for strategies for ALL levels? The answer to this is simple, there is certain generic principles to apply across all levels. For some levels is just straight forward generic strategy. For other levels, due to presence of certain special element or obstacles in that level, there maybe some tweak in strategy or a different approach.

I have completed the first stage of loading every available video into my youtube channel. For some of the difficult levels, I have already included the tips on how-to-clear that level into the video.
For this blog currently 265 levels are updated, mostly without the strategies. I will be loading up all the videos before inserting the generic strategy and strategies for all levels.

This is the patience I asked from you. And I guess patience is what some of you have if you are already stuck on a particular level for months. However, if you require help on any level immediately, just send me a message in facebook, youtube or in that particular level's blog if it is already available. I will share with you how to do it. If time permits, I replay and record a level just for you :)

Follow me, believe in me, learn the strategies, apply them in your game. Reaching the highest level available is not going to be a dream. And you will do it for free without going to spend on any boosters.

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