Creating a Speical

The specials you can create in candy crush in almost all levels are:
1. Colour Bomb
2. Stripe Candy
3. Wrap Candy

Obviously in certain levels, due to the given layout, colour bombs cannot be made. Example if it is a 4x4 screen given to you.

How to create them its really the basic which I should not waste time dwelling on as many sites already list down the basic.

In certain levels you may be asked to clear certain number of specials, if it is only individual specials, like 10 striped candy, or 5 wrap candy this is really simple. But note that, yes at times due to randomness and luck, some specials are being created automatically as candies dropped down on their own. But those are just luck, you cant have that much luck to have 6 wraps dropping down on different times in 50 moves.

Something to mention about individual specials
The only one thing I want to mention is about the creation of striped candy. There are people who have cleared many levels and still telling me that striped candy is a random event. They are saying that whether it is horizontal or vertical candy is completely random.

They are mostly wrong and not completely wrong! WHY?
Creation of a horizontal striped candy
If in a move you managed to line up 4 candies of the same colour in a single column. You will get a horizontal striped candy. A left to right  or right to left movement of a candy.

Creation of a vertical striped candy
If in a move you managed to line up 4 candies of the same colour in a single row. You will get a horizontal striped candy. A top to down or down to top  movement of a candy.

The only time creation of striped candy is random
The only time which I still cant figure out whether a striped candy being created is vertical or horizontal is when this is being created when it is in a continuous move.
Example, while you are making a move, the effect of candies dropping down actually managed to create a striped candy. The effect of a continuous move will sometimes give you a random striped candy and the place the striped candy appears is also random

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