Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 410

155000 points in 50 moves
Clear all jellies

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Got to create quite a number of combos to clear all the jellies.
You are bound to play countless times, there are an array of variations you will use.

The best move to clear all the time bombs, a wrap + stripe combo at the bomb of the middle row.

The best way to avoid chocolate appearing - in the beginning 4 -5 moves when you clear the middle row, and the black barrier drop down to block the chocolate maker. You must be really lucky if the jellies are already being cleared twice.

Other then that, just concentrate to make combos - wrap + stripe or colour bomb + stripe. or verticals are the left  and right most 2 columns.

If all the combinations are available in your game, either you are very lucky or in my case, after countless tries.

Not suitable to play more than 5 lives, if you get what I mean - this is one of the most frustrating game available in candy crush.

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