Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 174


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The objective is to clear the jellies, it doesn't make a difference if the top 3 middle jellies are not clear in 20 moves, which is the same as the time bomb.
With limited moves, this level looks daunting, creation of some really good combos will take care of the sides.
The tricky part is the top, there could be 3 ways to do it.
1. A creation of color bomb+striped candy, but pray hard that one of the candies in the top converts to a horizontal striped candy.
2. Creation of a perfectly placed wrap+striped candy perfectly placed near the middle that clears the 3 time bomb/jellies and takes care of many of the remaining jellies on the side
3. Breaking through one side to get to the time bombs, a bit challenging as the number of moves are limited.

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