Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to set a super high score in candy crush for level 252, a 30 sec time limit game

 Before the game
1. Preferably play it at home. U may need 3 hrs or more (more than 20 million score) to play a level depending on the score u wanted.
2. Set a target, once u hit the targeted score, end the game, as u can play the game indefinitely. As a guide, on average for level 252, u would earn 2 million points every 15 min.
3. No disturbance if u are playing on laptop/pc.

During the game
1. There’s no need to reset any game.
2. Initial stage clear as many blocks as possible, once they open up, simultaneous hits will come along
3. Remember simultaneous hits ( 4 times) will enable u to earn a 5 sec extension. During the first 30 seconds it is crucial not to spend time building a good combo, eg candy+wrapper or chocolate +candy – no matter how many are cleared, they are all considered 1 hit – and they take ages when u start with only 30 secs
4. Take out as many crosses as soon as possible – a horizontal candy will take care of that.
5. Once u passed the first min, game play is easier, as the area that is being opened up increases.
6. To really get high score in a more efficient method during gameplay is again not by using wrapper + candy combo or chocolate + candy combo.
7. Use chocolate to clear off those with the least colours - this is important.
8. Chocolate + wrapper is always a better choice. It clears off the colours of the wrapper, and then another random colour. The probability of another chocolate or even more chocolates appearing increases tremendously. It is also a lot easier to remake a chocolate.
9. Only use wrapper + candy or chocolate + candy as a last resort to clear the map when the map is intermixed with different colours.
10. By doing the above consistency, 95% of the time during game-play, u will have between 20-30 sec indefinitely.
11. Anyone could achieve a high score. And u would be able to achieve any score u targeted for. But of course, though a 100 million score is achievable, do u really want to sit in front of the screen for 12 hours repeating the same thing?
If you are not convinced, watch this video, its 2hrs 26mins long, you only need the first 3 minutes to understand what I wrote.

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