Sunday, August 25, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Level 147 new video

{Clear the middle column as fast as u can. When the time bomb started coming down, it will be easier to clear. Create as many combos as possible. Plan your moves. See which are the ones you need to clear. See where your candies are dropping into the next move or if you can anticipate further positions. Sometimes there isn't a need to use up your combo so soon. Position them to your best advantage} This is what I already shared in my original blog post on level 147 
Read through the generic strategies, I would be using that and the above strategy to explain what happens in this new video. 

In applying the generic strategies to level 147, these are the points you should note.
Point 3:: Objective – u need to clear all jellies. And in this level jellies are also under the obstacles. So need to clear all the obstacles as well. Hence normal moves won’t be able to help you achieve this objective, far too many double jellies and obstacles (needing to hit multiple times) >>understanding this – a sure thing is multiple combos needed
Point 1: Selection – need to decide which is the best move to make, based on what is given out, with presence of barriers, combos are necessary, but if no combos can be made? Hit those that can remove as much barriers first.
Point 6: Reshuffle - due to the layout of this level, it is inevitable if the middle column isn’t being removed, there is a high chance there even a simple move cant be made.  Hence reshuffling would come along. But try to make reshuffle faster by making it harder for you to make simpler moves. Reshuffling sometimes comes with welcomed surprises. (The subequent random ordering of candies sometimes helps you remove some obstacles , clear jellies or what's best - create some specials)
Point 2: Positioning – The above points are not in specific orders or sequence, this is one very important aspect, knowing how candies drop after u have made a move or after 2-3 moves. It is as simple as whether you can create a good special (color bomb, horizontal striped candy or wrap – for this particular level) or good combos. But not necessarily only that, you need to be able to also think about further moves if there is no specials to be made. You cant trap yourself into a situation that you cant make any good moves to either open up the barriers or clearing jellies
Point 5b: Time to use specials- this is definitely important, as there are far too many barriers and jellies to clear, position them to your best advantage before using.
Other specials occurring in the game: time bomb – hence necessary to open up middle as soon as possible – to enable you to clear the time bomb. Again it is not necessary to clear them as soon as they appear, still play to the main objective, clear the jellies, you need combos.

In this new video, some examples of application:
1st move is essentially selecting the best to hit out of what is available
2nd move: create special (striped)
3rd move: blue can clear a barrier and with the yellow dropping now the next move I can hit 5 barriers
5-6th move: out of moves , reshuffle, wasted  1 move
8th move: out of moves, reshuffle, wasted another move
10th move: a good move after a good shuffle, domino effect (simultaneous hits)

12th move: the red is chosen as yellow would fall off the top (understanding which candy falls down would be good), and a wrapper created.
13-14th: trying to clear middle, hitting barriers

17th move: trying to use yellow wrapper to clear blue. Utilising green is more economical as yellow wrapper would be exploded when green is activated, and the red bomb going off is an added bonus
The subsequent moves mostly are using economical ways to clear barriers. Only more interesting moves would be discussed.
With 23 moves left, note the middle column is untouched, trying to make a colour bomb out making use of the available 4 purples.
With 17 moves left, a colour bomb is finally created, through careful positioning. And it is together with a orange striped candy
Many people would use colour bomb with striped immediately, however I opted to use them only with 12 moves left, why? Because there are much more barriers to hit, and underlying yet more jellies. I tried to clear as many before using.

With 11 moves left, 4 visible transparent jelly, 1 white jelly and 2 barriers (needed to hit once, before white jellies appearing)
While the next 3 moves is planned, the ability to create a color bomb with 7 moves left is unplanned, again I didn’t use them immediately.  With only 4 moves left, then I utilised the combo, the previous move is essential as it enable all the jellies to be hit. Leaving 2 transparent jellies remaining.
Corners are real hard to hit, it is indeed lucky that I could make 2 striped candies and use them to clear the last 2 jellies. With this it describes point 8 in the generic strategy – Never give up.
And this is for you Sue :)

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